Juicing for kids

The Benefits of Juicing

Juicing is a fantastic way of getting plenty of nutrition in your children’s diet, all in one delicious drink. Probably the main reason why I like juicing so much is the fact that it can often be much easier to persuade a child to drink a nutritious glass of juice rather than getting them to just eat a couple of fruits or vegetables on their own.

It boosts your nutrient intake by providing your body with micronutrients, vitamins and enzymes.

It is extremely easy to adapt recipes to suit your kids specific wants and needs as well which makes it much easier to get in those 5 a day. You can also hide certain vegetables in there with some other fruit and they won’t even realise they’ve had it.

If you are growing your own fruit and veggies then juicing is very good value especially if you are on a budget. Don’t get me wrong though, you can spend a hell of a lot of money on a juicer but you really don’t have to if money is tight. What I would suggest is that you shop around and read as many reviews as you can before you go ahead and purchase a juicer, that way you will be able to get the best possible machine for your budget.

A great way of getting children excited about juice is to let them help you prepare them and give them fun/silly names too. Dinosaur juice, Fairy smoothie, Princess punch or Green Monster juice are just a few examples but just try to get creative with them.

Of course you can just stick with the standard orange, apple, pear juices etc. but you can create some really delicious recipes if you give it a try.

Here are a few recipes to get you started. But remember that you can change and adapt these to suite your needs and before long you will be experimenting with all kinds of different flavours.

Berry Nice

1 handful of blueberries

1 handful of raspberries

1 handful of strawberries

100g of natural yoghurt

A couple of ice cubes

Bunny Juice

3 carrots

1 orange

1 apple

Popeye Juice

1 handful of spinach

1 beetroot

1 apple

A couple of ice cubes

Green Monster Juice

½ handful of spinach

½ handful of kale

1 apple

1 pear

1 handful of strawberries