introducing healthy food to kids at play time

Introducing Healthy Foods at Play Time

If you introduce healthy foods to your child from an early age, they will have a positive attitude towards them growing up.

A fantastic way to teach your kids about healthy foods is to use them at playtime or for fun activities that they will enjoy.

There are a variety of different ways you can do this.

Firstly, you can try a sorting game, for example either using real fruit and veg or just pictures you can get your child to sort them into the right categories.

Another thing you can try is to play ‘Guess the fruit and Vegetable’ when you are in the supermarket. They will love to get involved because as you know they can get rather bored while trudging round the supermarket. It’s also great to see how much they remember the next time you go shopping.

For another twist on the ‘Guess the fruit and vegetable game’ when your not at the supermarket you can think of a fruit or vegetable and get them to guess what you are thinking of by getting them to ask you questions; what colour is it, what’s the texture like, what shape is it etc.

Teaching children about different cultures is also a fantastic way of introducing them to new and exciting foods for them to explore. You can have a theme day; they can dress up, play games and cook traditional foods of that culture.

Kids love to sing and dance right? So why not introduce food into that aspect of play as well! You can get them to make up a song about their favourite foods or even give them a certain topic based around healthy food for them to sing about.

Growing fruit, vegetables or even herbs is also a great way of getting your kids excited about healthy food. If it is something that they’ve had a part in growing from a tiny seed to something delicious to eat, they will be much more willing to try new foods. Even if you do not have much outside space you can always use pots to plant in or even just a window box works great.

Ask them to tell a story about food. Children have amazing imagination, so why not take advantage of that by asking them to make up a story that involves food.

Finally, why not try creating a food alphabet game with your kids. Everyone knows ‘A is for apple’ but can they go through the whole alphabet with a different food for each letter? Some letters will be challenging, but with a little help from you I’m sure they will have fun trying to complete the alphabet. ( This might be useful for you Foods that start with x, y, z and u ) 😉

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